It's a well-known fact that doing something with your hand greatly reduces stress - mainly because your mind calms down, all the thoughts go away, and you're left with a very simple, but very precise process that requires all your focus. That's why DIY hobbies are so popular lately! They distract us from disturbing things and help create inner piece and calmness. Here are a few creative hobbies you can pick up right now.

Start Knitting

Knitting has been growing in popularity lately because not only can you create beautiful things for your friends and family, but you also greatly relax while doing so! If you're into fashion, you can let out your inner designer and start creating your own clothes - otherwise, there are lots of manuals on the Internet that will get you started. It's fun, creative, and will keep you busy for hours!

Make Your Own Candles

You will be surprised to hear this, but making candles is pretty easy - you just need to stock on some supplies, get a pan to melt wax in, a few forms for your candles, and you're ready to go! Candles create great ambience and make for great DIY gifts. You can add essential oils, dried flowers and herbs to make them truly your own. If you don't want to melt wax, you can also try rolling the candles from sheets of bees wax - it's even easier!

Photo by Brittani Burns / Unsplash

Try Doing Embroidery

Embroidery might seem like an old-fashioned type of hobby, but trust us, if you look at modern fashion runways you will find plenty of designers using embroidery in their haute couture designs. It's just timeless! And it is very easy to learn the basics and start embroidering right away. You can also use embroidery to restore or revitalize old things and add more beauty to cloths, napkins, towels, mittens, and what not.