Parties are not just about gatherings and food. It's about doing something fun and a lot of laughter. On different occasions like dinner parties, housewarmings, and Christmas, when friends and family come together to spend some time, setting up games will bring more joy and fun.

No other activity can beat the level of doing fun activities with your friends and family. Below, Some of the most merriment and classic party games have been mentioned that can keep your adults happy and make the time memorable for teens and kids.

Let’s start our journey to learn more about some fun activities you can set up for your next party as a host.

1. Who Am I?

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Photo by Rumman Amin / Unsplash

This is the most classic party game in which one team member acts or draws a famous personality, so your teammates guess who that person you are acting like. If their guess is correct, your team earns the point.

2. How Do You Do

In this game, two teams play against each other by assuming a song and by only singing the word "Doo". It is known as one of the most comic party games among adults.

3. Never Have I Ever

Backyard group dinner
Photo by Valiant Made / Unsplash

If this game is not on this list, it feels wrong, because this classic game is the heart of every gathering, you can say that Never Have I Ever is the NO. 1 grown-up game. The host can gather hundreds of questions to make their guest supervise every pick.

You can add different variations in this game, like penalty variation and many more.