In today's world, where everyone is so busy and stressed out in their lives, it's quite difficult to maintain your physical and mental health and that is where you need a hobby to keep yourself happy and healthy.

However, when it comes to the combination of hobby and health, most people take it toward physical exercise or other energy-consuming workouts. But worry not! If you don't have time and you hate working so hard just to be fit, we have the three best hobbies you can add to your list.

Now let’s start our list!

Writing: A Reality Talk to Yourself

Writing with a fountain pen
Photo by Aaron Burden / Unsplash

You might be thinking about how it is good for your health to sit on a chair with a pen and paper or a laptop. Get ready for the reality check. According to several studies, writing is a great therapy to improve your sleep clock, memory, physical and mental health and reduce stress.

You can use this simple but effective method to talk to yourself, which is otherwise impossible. You might be shocked to know that many therapists are using this method for the quick recovery of their patients.

Gardening: From the Nature to You

Nature itself has a strong healing power for the creatures inside it. That's why, this spot on our list is taken by gardening. This hobby is best for both physical and mental exercise. You don't need to work hard but just a light, regular dose to keep yourself fit.

Pets: The Best Partners

Walking Dogs
Photo by Matt Nelson / Unsplash

Having pets is quite common nowadays. People love sharing their alone time with their sweet tiny companions. If you don’t have much time to socialize or for outdoor activities, taking your favorite animal home would be a wonderful hobby.

The list of hobbies can be endless, but we have chosen the best three options. Hopefully, This list will help you in making your days productive.